The Livable Center Study is a collaborative process managed by members of the Houston-Area Galveston Council, the City of Seabrook, and Freese and Nichols. This team will work with the Seabrook City Council, the Seabrook Economic Development Corporation and the Stakeholders Advisory Committee to help develop the plan based on input received from the public. The Stakeholders Advisory Committee is composed of business owners in the Old Seabrook District, Council and SEDC representatives, chamber and business group representatives, residents and representation from Harris County. 

Stakeholders Advisory Committee Members

City Council Representative, Buddy Hammann

SEDC Board Representative, Kevin Ferguson

Merlion Restaurant, Brooke Villanueva

Seabrook Waffle Company, Robert Bilnoski

Kidd Properties, Hank Kidd

Beacon Hill B&B, Bryon Hanseen

Jenuine Treasures, Jennifer Pitts

Seabrook Association, Joyce Rowton

Former Mayor and Resident, Glenn Royal

SEDC Board Representative Kevin Ferguson

Harris County Engineer, Jorge Bustamante

Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commer, Cindy DeWease


Houston-Area Galveston Council

Anita Hollmann serves as a Principal and Regional Planner for the Houston-Galveston Area Council. She has developed and executed several studies for the area and helps to track each study after they have been adopted. 

Seabrook Economic Development & City Staff

Economic Development Director Paul Chavez is serving as the primary City staff liaison for the Seabrook Livable Center Study.  In addition to Paul, City Manager Gayle Cook and Deputy City Manager help facilitate the meetings. Public outreach and engagement is managed by LeaAnn Petersen, the City’s Director of Community and Visitor Relations. 

Freese & Nichols

Shad Comeaux is serving as the Project Manager representing Freese and Nichols. He is joined by Senior Advisor, Dawn Warrick, Project Planner, Ellen Emeric, Site Planner, Gail Ferry-Katalenas, Project Planner Alexis Garcia and Transportation Planner, David Paine. Sue Darcy and Alan Mueller are representing the MarshDarcy Partners, Steve Spillette and Brenda Crenshaw are representing Community Development Strategies and Sheila Condon and Ryan Steib are representing Clark Condon. 

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